Sitemap - 2023 - Metacurity

Sony Launches Probe Into Cybercrime Group's Claims of Massive Compromise

Hackers Stole $200 Million From Hong Kong's Mixin in Biggest Crypto Theft of the Year

Apple Pushed Out Security Update Due to Egyptian Politician's Predator Spyware Infection

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads for the Week, 9/23/23

Apple Issues Emergency Patches to Fix Three New Zero-Day Flaws

Air Canada and Ben-Gurion Airport Join List of Cybersecurity Victims in the Air Travel Industry

UK Finally Passes Its Online Safety Bill With Controversial Scanning Provisions Intact

Microsoft AI Researchers Accidentally Exposed Tens of Terabytes of Sensitive Data

North Korea's Lazarus Group Has Stolen $240 Million Since June

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads for the Week, 9/16/23

Hackers Claim Six Terabyte Data Theft From MGM-Caesars, Say They Still Have MGM Access

Hacking Group Scattered Spider Reportedly Targeted MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment

Offshoot of China's APT41 Breached Asian Country's National Power Grid

Widespread Cyber Incident Causes Outages Across MGM Resorts' Properties

Ethereum Co-Founder's Alleged Twitter Account Hack Cost Victims Nearly $700,000

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads for the Week, 9/9/23

US, UK Sanction Trickbot Members, DOJ Charges Trickbot Tech Leader and Others

Technical Blunders by Microsoft Gave Chinese Espionage Actors Access to Government Emails

Every Major Car Brand Failed Privacy and Security Tests, Mozilla

Stalker Website Kiwi Farms Still Survives Despite Efforts of Sleuths, Engineers, Activists

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads for the Weeks of 8/21/23 and 8/28/23

Russia's Sandworm Hackers Have Been Targeting Ukrainian Military Android Devices

Chinese Spy Operation Placed Fake Signal Apps on Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store

FBI, International Partners Infiltrated Qakbot and Uninstalled Infected Systems

ChatGPT Offers 'Enterprise-Grade' Privacy, Data Analysis

Radio Signal Interference Halted Train Stations in Poland

Brazilian Hacker Says Bolsonaro Asked Him to Tamper With Voting Machine

White House Orders Civilian Agency Laggards to Fully Comply With Biden Cybersecurity EO

Two UK Police Forces Admit Mishandling Sensitive Victims' Data

IBM MOVEit Breach Affects Millions of Americans' Healthcare Data

Europol and DOJ Busted Five Administrators in Lolek Bulletproof Hosting Take-Down

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 8/12/23

Cyber Safety Review Board to Probe Cloud Computing Risks Following Microsoft Incident

DARPA to Oversee $20 Million AI Challenge to Find Flaws in US Government Infrastructure

Cyberattacker Accessed Data for 40 Million UK Voters

North Korean Hackers Breached Russian Missile Developer Networks

Cyberattack Disrupted Medical Services Across a Wide Swath of the US

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 8/5/23

Husband in Bitfinex Money Laundering Duo Cops to Hacking the Exchange

Tenable CEO Fires Broadside Against Microsoft for 'Grossly Irresponsible' Security Approach

Noname Hit Italian Banks in DDoS Spree

White House Panel Calls for Curtailing FBI Access to Sec. 702 Database

Air Force Engineer Allegedly Breached DoD Comms, Stole $90K in Radio Tech

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 7/29/23

Senator Calls for Probes Into Microsoft's Handling of Chinese Spy Campaign

SEC Adopts Cyber Incident and Risk Management Reporting Rules

White House Taps Coker for National Cyber Director Role

Law Firm Must Turn Over Some Client Names to SEC That Were Compromised in Cyber Incident

Chinese Espionage Campaign Could Extend to Other Microsoft Cloud Offerings

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 7/22/23

Chinese Hackers Accessed Email Accounts of US Ambassador to China, Assistant Secretary

Microsoft to Offer Pricier Tiers of Audit Logging for Free Following Chinese Spy Campaign

Commerce Department Adds Surveillance Firms Cytrox, Intellexa to Export Prohibition List

White House, FCC Announce New Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices

Microsoft Is Coy About Whether Zero Day Flaw Led to Chinese Espionage Campaign

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 7/15/23

FTC Launches Probe Into the Safety and Security of ChatGPT

White House Releases National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan

Chinese Hackers Breached Organizations, US Government Via Microsoft Cloud Security Hole

Q2 2023 Sees Surge in Cybersecurity Deal Volume as Total Venture Spending Declines

Data for Potentially Tens of Millions of HCA Healthcare Patients for Sale on Breach Forum

CISA Warns of Three New, Now-Patched Vulnerabilities in MOVEit Transfer

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 7/8/23

FBI Searched the Home of Kraken Founder Amid Hacking, Cyber-Stalking Allegations

Why are there so many Romanian cybersecurity journalists?

Cops Detain Member of OPERA1ER Cybercrime Group That Stole Millions in Thirty-Plus Attacks

Japan's Port of Nagoya Grinds to a Halt After LockBit Ransomware Attack

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 7/1/23

Two Hacking Groups Claim Take-Down of Russian Satellite Communications Provider

HHS Is the Latest US Government Agency Hit by Clop in MOVEit Attack

Backdoor Access Under UK Bill Meets With Growing Resistance, Apple Joins the Fray

Encrochat Take-Down Led to 6,500 Arrests, Nearly $100 Million in Seized Assets

Cops Seize Domains of Breach Forums, Add Handcuffs to Owner's Avatar in Seizure Notice

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 6/24/23

FBI NDAs Routinely Force Cops to Hide Use of Cell Site Simulators

Biden Administration Explores Actions to Address Chinese Cloud Computing Security

DOJ Prioritizes Cyber Threats as Key National Security Concerns

Hackers Launch DDoS Attacks on the European Investment Bank Over Ukraine Support

Timeline of Top US Government Data Breaches, 1996 to June 2023

Possible USDA Clop Attack Emerges Alongside $10 Million Reward, Third MOVEit Flaw

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 6/17/23

US Government Agencies and Other New Victims Hit as Clop Attack Spree Continues

Novel Russian Threat Group Cadet Blizzard Is Behind Recent Wave of Attacks, Microsoft

US Government Says Section 702 Helped Solve Colonial Pipeline, Other Cyber Incidents

US Government Has Secretly Used Data Brokers to Amass Information on Citizens

DOJ Unveils Charges Against Two Russians for Mt. Gox Hack

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 6/10/23

The FCC's data breach reporting requirements are broken

State Department Offers $5 Million Reward for Anom Service Administrator

Clop Gang Says MOVEit Victims Have Until June 14 Before They Spill Stolen Data

North Korean Hackers Were Likely Behind $35 Million Atomic Wallet Heist

Clop Hits British Airways, BBC and Boots as Organizations Brace for More Attacks

Chinese Police Start Cracking Down on Hyper-Realistic AI Fraud

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 6/3/23

Russia's FSB Claims US Targeted iPhones in Spy Campaign, Kaspersky Claims Zero-Click Attacks

FTC Smacks Amazon for Alexa and Ring Privacy, Security Failures

Asian Threat Group Dark Pink Keeps Expanding Footprint, Adds Five New Victims

Tesla Failed to Protect Customer, Employee and Partner Data, Report

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 5/20/23

Anti-Choice Groups Used Geolocation Data to Target Planned Parenthood Visitors

Montana Becomes the First State to Ban TikTok

Alleged Russian Hacker Charged and Sanctioned for Role in $200 Million Ransomware Rampage

Pharmacy Services Provider Attack Exposed Medical Data on Nearly Six Million Patients

US DoT Suspends Commuting Cost Benefits Following Data Breach

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 5/13/23

UK Cops Win Ruling to Gain Warrantless Access to Stored Encrypted Phone Chats

US Probes Possible Exposure of Sensitive Critical Infrastructure Data at Rockwell China Facility

Operation Medusa Took Down Russia's Snake Cyber Espionage Network

Operation PowerOFF Seizes Thirteen More DDoS-For-Hire Domains

CORRECTED Police Probe in Allen, TX Shooting Marred by Dallas Ransomware Attack Fallout

Police Probe in Allen, TX Shooting Marred by Dallas Ransomware Attack Fallout

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 5/6/23

Uber's Ex-CSO Dodges Prison Time, Receives Three-Year Probation

Threat Actors Are Spreading ChatGPT-Themed Lures Across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Authorities Bust Up Online Drug Marketplace and Arrest 300 After an 18-Month Operation

Samsung Bans ChatGPT to Protect Sensitive Data

DOJ, Companies Spotted SolarWinds Breach Six Months Earlier Than Reported

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 4/29/23

Pentagon Leaker's Troubled History Raises Questions About His Top-Secret Clearance

Hackers Circulate Highly Sensitive Files on Minneapolis School Children

Iranian Hacking Group Hacked Local Government Election Reporting Site in 2020

Feds Indict, Sanction Alleged Lazarus Group Money Launderers

Pentagon Files Leaker Posted Sensitive Information Months Earlier Than Known

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 4/22/23

North Korean Attack on 3CX Involved a Rare Double Supply Chain Compromise

Twitter Banned Wired Reporter for Article About a Right-Wing Provocateur's Hack

Minister Warns That Russian Group Seeks to Destroy UK Critical Infrastructure

Iranian Threat Group Could Be Eyeing Attacks on US Critical Infrastructure

Spyware Maker QuaDream Is Shutting Down, Seeks to Sell Intellectual Property

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 4/15/23

Massachusetts Air National Guard Member Arrested for Massive Leak of Classified Files

Young Charismatic Gun Enthusiast Is Claimed to Be Behind Massive Leak of Government Secrets

Zero-Click Spyware From Little-Known Israeli Company Targeted iPhones in Ten Countries

Now-Bankrupt FTX Suffered Cybersecurity Deficiencies on an Unimaginable Scale

Leaked US Documents Show Russian Hackers Claim Canadian Gas Pipeline Company Breach

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 4/8/23

Court Sanctions Disruption of Hackers Who Abuse Cobalt Strike, Microsoft Software

Almost 120 Arrested in Genesis Market Take-Down But Some Accounts Are Still Operating

Law Enforcement Authorities Shut Down Cybercrime Store Genesis Market Sites

Cybersecurity Venture Spending in Q1 23 Dipped to Lowest Level Since Q3 20

Cybersecurity Venture Spending in Q1 23 Dipped to Lowest Level Since Q3 20

Western Digital Confirms Hackers Stole Data During 'Network Security Incident'

US Government Purchased NSO Group's Landmark Geolocation Tracking Tool

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 4/1/23

Massive Trove of Documents From Kremlin Contractor Exposes Cyber Capabilities

Google Reveals Two Spyware Campaigns Involving Zero Day Flaws

Microsoft Unveils Security Copilot, an AI-Powered Tool to Speed Incident Response

Biden Administration Releases EO to Restrict Use of Commercial Spyware Tools by Agencies

Twitter Source Code Leaked Online, Company Demands GitHub Reveal Leaker's Name

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 3/25/23

TikTok CEO Fails to Assuage Congressional Concerns Over Chinese Ownership

Investissement Québec Hit by Clop Gang as Reports of GoAnywhere Bug Exploits Grow

TikTok CEO to Testify That Beijing Has No Authority Over Its Data

US Citizen and Meta Employee Targeted With Predator Spyware in Greece

Feds Claim Bust of BreachForums Operator Pompompurin

Best Infosec-Related Long (and Longish) Reads of the Week, 3/18/23

Chinese State-Sponsored Hackers Evade Common Cybersecurity Tools

US Demands TikTok Owners Sell Stakes in TikTok or Face Possible Ban, Sources

Prosecutors Charge Two Men for Roles in Criminal Doxing Group ViLE

ALPHV Hackers Claim Breach of Amazon-Owned Ring, Threaten to Release Data

Hacker Drained $195 Million From Ethereum Lending Protocol Euler Finance

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 3/11/23

Croatian Authorities Arrest Alleged NetWire RAT Operator, FBI Seizes Site

Data for US House Members, Staffs and Families Exposed in Breach of DC Health Link

ALPHV Gang Posts Photos of Lehigh Valley Health Network Cancer Patients

Israel Says Iran Was Behind DarkBit Ransomware Attack on The Technion

International Operation Hits Major DoppelPaymer Ransomware Gang Figures

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 3/4/23

Hackers Have Access to More Than 550,000 Gun Owners' Data From Firearm Auction Site

White House Issues Cyber Strategy to Bolster Software Security, Offensive Operations

Dish Network Confirms Ransomware Attack, Says Threat Actors Stole Data

US Marshals Service Suffered a Significant Ransomware and Data Exfiltration Incident

Dish Network Still Offline Following an Apparent Cyberattack

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 2/25/23

Dark Web Seller Claims to Sell Telus Employee Email Lists, Code Repositories

'Nevada' Hacking Group Has Targeted 5,000 Victims in Widespread Ransomware Campaign

Activision's Data Breach Contains Employee Information, Call of Duty and More, Report

Hackers Accessed Asian Data Center Login Credentials for Top Corporations

Security Experts Baffled by Twitter's Decision to Limit SMS-Based 2FA to Paid Subscribers

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 2/18/23

Updated: Atlassian Hackers Stole Employee Records, Floor Plans, More Via Third-Party App

Ukraine Targets Inundated with 'Near-Constant' Cyberattacks Since War's Onset, Google

Investigation Uncovers Israeli Team's Decades-Long Effort to Manipulate Elections Globally

Apple Fixes a Zero Day Flaw in iOS 16.3.1 and iPadOS 16.3.1 Exploited in the Wild

New Ransomware Threat Actor DarkBit Attacked Israel's Technion Research Institute

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 2/11/23

Hackers Accessed Reddit's Business Systems, Stole Documents and Source Code

US and UK Sanction Seven Members of Russia's Trickbot Ransomware Gang

VMware Issues Warning While CISA Releases Script to Recover Encrypted ESXi Servers

LockBit Gang Officially Claims Ransomware Attack on Royal Mail

Thousands of VMware ESXi Servers Targeted in Global Ransomware Attacks

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 2/4/23

China's 'Aggressive' Balloon Reconnaissance Poses No Threat on the Ground

LockBit Gang Tied to Cyber Incident That Hit Derivatives Trading Platform ION Trading

Videos Show Easy Hacks of Electrify America Fast Charger's Internal Computer System

The U.S. Will No Longer Grant Any American Tech Export Licenses to Huawei, Report

New Data-Wiping Malware Called SwiftSlicer Used in Attacks Against Ukrainian Targets

Best Infosec-Related Long and Long(ish) Reads of the Week, 1/28/23

Feds Bust Up Hive Gang, $10 Million Reward Offered for Links With Foreign Governments

Malicious Actors Targeted U.S. Agencies in Phishing Campaigns Using Legit RMM Software

Hackers Stole LastPass Parent Company's Encrypted Customer Back Ups, Encryption Key

FBI Confirms North Korea's Lazarus Group Pulled Off $100M Horizon Bridge Heist

Senator Jerry Moran's Campaign Was Scammed Out of Nearly $700,000 in BEC Scheme

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 1/21/23

Latest T-Mobile Breach Impacting 37 Million Customers Prompts FCC Probe

Feds Bust Russian Who Ran Bitzlato Crypto Exchange Which Aided Ransomware Attacks

Biden's Cybersecurity Strategy Includes Regulation, Hostile Network Disruption, Report

Hackers Stole CircleCi Databases Using an Engineer's Stolen Privileges

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads of the Week, 1/14/23

LockBit Linked to Royal Mail Attack but Gang's Spokesperson Blames Other Threat Actors

UK's Royal Mail Can't Send Mail Overseas Due to Severe Cyber Incident

New APT Group Dark Pink Steals Confidential Data From APAC Government, Military Bodies

Supreme Court Lets WhatsApp Lawsuit Against Spyware Maker NSO Group Move Forward

Russian Cold River Hacking Team Targeted Three U.S. Nuclear Research Labs

Best Infosec-Related Long Reads: Holiday Wrap-Up Edition

Vice Society Released Confidential Documents From Fourteen UK Schools

European Regulators Strike Blows Against the Ad Personalization Practices of Meta, Apple

Database of 235,000,000 Twitter Users Has Leaked for Free

Bitcoin Core Developer Lost 'Basically All' His BTC During Hack, PGP Key Theft Suspected

High-Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked After Forum Poster Peddles 400 Million Users' Data