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Top Eleven Infosec News Stories You Should Know 12/23/20

Top Eleven Infosec Stories You Need to Know Today - 12/22/20

Day Nine of the SolarWinds Crisis: Treasury Department Breach Confirmed

Renewed Talk of NSA Split from Cyber Command Fosters Fears Among Lawmakers and Other Top Infosec News You Should Know Today - 12/21/20

Special Report: Day Eight of the SolarWinds Crisis

Special Report: Day Six of the SolarWinds Crisis

Fraudsters Drained Millions from Online Bank Transfers and Other Top Infosec Developments for 12/18/20

Special Report: Day Five of the SolarWinds Breach Crisis

Eight Infosec Things You Need to Know Today

Special Report: SolarWinds Breach, Day Four

Seven Top (Non-SolarWinds Breach) Infosec Stories to Know Today

Day Three: Special Report on SolarWinds Security Breach

Seven Top (Non-SolarWinds) Infosec News Developments You Should Know Today

Special Report: Growing Number of Federal Agencies Reported to Have Been Compromised by Devastating SolarWinds Hack

Dozens of Israeli Logistics Companies Suffered Major Cyberattacks, Iran Likely Exfiltrated Data

Special Report: Potentially Massive Hacking Campaign by Likely Russian Attack Group Could Affect Virtually All Major Government and Business Institutions

Top Ten Infosec Developments Generating Buzz Today

The Top 12 Developments in Cybersecurity You Should Know Today, 12/10/20

Six Major Infosec Developments You Should Know Today

Special Report: FireEye Hacked by Likely Russian State Intelligence Attackers, Red Team Tools Stolen

Mexican Drug Cartels Have Access to Up to 25 Companies' Spyware Thanks to Federal, State Police Forces

Hackers Publish Data Stolen From Israeli Insurance Agency Shirbit, Double Their Ransom Demand

White House Cybersecurity Director Position Appears in NDAA

Hackers Plan Attacks on COVID-19 Vaccine 'Cold Chain' While N. Korean Hackers Target Vaccine-Related Pharma and Health Groups

iPhone Can Be Hacked for Under $100 Using New Technique

Supreme Court Might Take Critical Look at Nation's Only Major Cybercrime Law

Chris Krebs: 'We did a good job. We did it right. I'd do it a thousand times over.'

Thanksgiving Bonus Edition: Baltimore Shutters Schools Due to Ransomware Attack

Parler Wasn't Likely Hacked But That Didn't Stop People From Tweeting That It Was

Flaws in Tesla Model X Could Let Attackers Use Bluetooth to Steal Cars

Incoming Biden Team Uses G-Suite, Titan Keys to Communicate Securely in Absence of Trump's Cooperation

Google Will Begin Testing End-to-End Encryption for Messages

CISA Intends to Keep On Keeping On

Cisco Patches Flaws in Security Manager After Proof-of-Concept Code Released

Special Report: Trump Fires CISA's Krebs for Defending the Election

59 Top Computer Scientists and Election Security Experts Slam Trump's Assertions as False and Incoherent

European Privacy Advocates File Complaints Against Apple’s Ad Tracking

Special Weekend Edition: Strange NY Post Article Serves as Coda for CISA's Turbulent Week

Online Children's Playground Animal Jam Breached

Special Report: CISA's Krebs Expects to Be Fired, Experts Issue Defiant Statement Calling Election 'Most Secure' in History

EU Agency Trains Cops Around the World How to Spy on Facebook Accounts, iPhones

CISA's Krebs in the Spotlight During Voting Battles

FTC Settles With Zoom Over False Promises of E2E Encryption

GCHQ Launches Cyberoffensive Against Anti-Vaccine Propaganda Spread by Russia

Apple Patches Three Nasty Zero-Day Flaws

Voters Approve Sweeping Privacy Law in California

No Election Day Digital Malfeasance But Protracted Vote Counting Poses New Dangers

Russian National Sentenced to Eight Years for 'Sophisticated' Data Theft Scheme

Officials Warn of Imminent Cybercrime Threat to Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

The Top 87 Cybersecurity Podcasts (and counting)

Officials Say Iran, Russia Obtained Publicly Available Data to Influence Presidential Campaign

Microsoft: Trickbot Take-Down Rate Is 94%

Special Report: DoJ Indicts Six Russian Military Hackers With Charges Stemming From a String of High-Profile Cyberattacks

Threat Actor Collective Fin11 Has Shifted to Financial Crimes

Special Report: Is the NY Post Article a Late-Game Disinformation Effort to Disrupt the Election?

Five Eyes Countries Ask for Encryption Backdoors for the Umpteenth Time

Special Report: Microsoft, Cybersecurity Organizations Worked Unknowlingly in Tandem with CyberCom to Disrupt Trickbot

FBI and CISA Issue Joint Alert Warning That Hackers Are Exploiting Zerologon, In Some Cases Against Election Systems

CyberCom Disrupted Trickbot Botnet Ahead of Elections and Amid Growing Ransomware Attacks

New APT Group Launches Rare Espionage Attacks Against Industrial Targets

Unrestrained Mass Spying Is Not a Good Thing, EU's Top Court Says

Cisco to Pay Nearly $2 Billion to Centripetal Networks for Stealing Its Patents

Weekend Wrap-Up: Trump’s Illness Could Trigger Aggression by Adversaries in ‘Cyberspace’

Russian Operations That Meddled in 2016 Just Hacked a Federal Agency and Continue to Spread Misinformation In the Run-Up to the Election

Supreme Court Nominee's Religious Community Hacked

Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Faces Felony Charges for Hacking Into School District's System

Major Hospital Chain Forced to Use Pen and Paper Following Ryuk Ransomware Attack

Weekend News Wrap-Up: KuCoin Hacked, Joker Malware Apps Yanked from PlayStore

Threat Actor Broke Into Federal Agency's Enterprise Network CISA Says

Election Count-Down: Facebook Boots Fake Russian Military Intelligence Accounts, Software Vendor Breached

Employees Go Rogue at Shopify

Operation Disruptor Takes Down Dark Web Criminals Around the World

STOP AND PATCH ASAP: Zerologon Flaw Poses Unacceptable Risk CISA Says

Trump Imposes 'Xenophobic, Wildly Inconsistent and Largely Just Stupid' Ban on TikTok and WeChat

Ransomware is Now Killing People

U.S. Prosecutors Indict Chinese Hackers for Crimes 'Unprecedented' in Sophistication

Second-Day Analysis: Yup, TikTok Deal is ‘Security Theater’

Oracle's 'Trusted Tech' Partnership With TikTok May Very Well Do Nothing to Improve Security

On Top of Everything Else, US Postal Service Had a Bunch of Buggy Apps

Russia Back for More U.S. Election Hacking

Mark Warner, COVID Vaccine Development Security and No Chips for Huawei

Chris Krebs on Next Frontier, China on Data Security, Ransomware Attacks Abound - September 8, 2020

Bringing Cyberattacks to Newcastle