Parler Finds Rescuer in Russia and Other Top Infosec Stories of 1/19/21

FreakOut botnet targets unpatched Linux applications, OpenWRT hit with data breach, IObit hacked over the weekend, U.S. lets Irish hacker off the hook, FBI warns of VoIP phishing and more

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Controversial and hard-right social media website Parler has returned after being kicked off traditional platforms, including Amazon, and finding a rescuer in a Russian-owned technology company called DDos-Guard.

Parler’s app, however, remains banned from the app stores of both Apple and Google. (Joseph Menn, Kenneth Li, Elizabeth Culliford / Reuters)

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Researchers at CheckPoint say a newly identified botnet called FreakOut has emerged to target unpatched applications running on top of Linux systems.

The botnet’s current targets include TerraMaster data storage units, web applications built on top of the Zend PHP Framework, and websites running the Liferay Portal content management system. (Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet)

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OpenWRT, an open-source project that provides free and customizable firmware for home routers, experienced a data breach on January 16 when a hacker accessed the account of a forum administrator, according to a notice from its maintainers.

Although the attacker did not download the project’s entire database, they did download a list of forum users, which included personal details such as forum usernames and email addresses. (Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet)

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According to a TLP:WHITE Private Industry Notification (PIN) issued on Friday, the FBI said that threat actors are using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platforms (aka IP telephony services) to target employees of companies worldwide, ignoring their corporate level using the voice-level attack known as vishing.

The attackers tricked the targeted employees into logging into a phishing webpage they controlled to harvest their usernames and passwords. (Sergiu Gatlan / Bleeping Computer)

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Windows utility developer IObit, known for Windows system optimization and anti-malware programs, was hacked over the weekend to perform a widespread attack to distribute the strange DeroHE ransomware to its forum members.

Forum members received emails claiming to be from IObit stating that they are entitled to a free 1-year license to their software as a special perk of being a forum member. (Lawrence Abrams / Bleeping Computer)

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The U.S. is no longer seeking the extradition of Irish Hacker Conor Freeman for the theft of over $2 million (€1.66 million) in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies after his conviction here in Dublin.

Freeman is already serving a sentence of two years and eleven months in Ireland that arose from the same offenses and had not lodged any appeal. (Peter Neilan / Breaking News)

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Microsoft will enable fully automated threat remediation by default for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customers starting on February 16.

Microsoft discovered that organizations that set full automation by default were more successful in remediating and containing threats. (Sergiu Gatlan / Bleeping Computer)

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